GtfB, PDB entry 1IIR

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UGT71B Family UGT71C Family UGT71D Family UGT72B Family UGT72C Family UGT72D Family UGT72E Family UGT73B Family UGT73C Family UGT73D Family UGT74B Family UGT74C Family UGT74D Family UGT74E Family UGT74F Family UGT75B Family UGT75C Family UGT75D Family UGT76B Family UGT76C Family UGT76D Family UGT76E Family UGT76F Family UGT78D Family UGT79B Family UGT80A Family UGT80B Family UGT81A Family UGT82A Family UGT83A Family UGT84A Family UGT84B Family UGT85A Family UGT86A Family UGT87A Family UGT88A Family UGT89A Family UGT90A Family UGT91A Family UGT91B Family UGT91C Family UGT92A Family
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